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Riding Shotgun With Charlie

Mar 12, 2019

Riding Shotgun With Charlie
Kevin Sona (& KJ Sona)

Open Carry, Camping & Alligators

Kevin organized a number of events for Florida Carry. We filmed this after a camping event in Dunnellon, FL, where there were a number of speakers and campers.

We met in Tampa at GRPC in 2016. Kevin kept in touch and we struck up a friendship and mutual admiration club.

He says he's camera shy and doesn't want to be out front, but he's a great organizer! And we need people like him to make things happen!

He's started the America Under Distress Facebook page after he was booted for using his 1st Amendment on some other Facebook pages. Its been successful gaining almost 700 members. This has given him the chance to reach more people and get the freedom message out to more people.

His newest venture is City Tavern Talk. They've got a YouTube channel and Facebook page. You should check them out and subscribe to it.

We drive to see come alligators, switch seats, and have a lot of laughs.

His son, Kevin Jr (KJ in my book) sat in the back and came for a ride with us.


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